my name is thea

I wanna beat the shit out of the guy that’s hurting her.

She never deserved this. She was simply another girl who fell for another player like YOU. She fell, pretty hard. She’s been liking you for the longest, and you tell her that you like her back, but then, you try to get at a close friend of hers. Then she hears that you only tried to get close to her, just to get close to her close friend. What the fuck. Stop playing with her fucking feelings. And after she thought things were actually going a little bit well, you fucking say to her that she means nothing to you anymore. Stop being a little bi-polar fucker and decide what you want already. She might fall for you over and over again, but she’s not going to wait forever. She is better off without your bullshit in her life, and she will realize that sooner or later, and when she does, you’ll notice that you missed out on a lot.

You’re just pissing me the HELL off.

file under: #LS.
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